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Managed Print Solutions

THINK Managed Print Services foresee a future where copier and printer dealers can not simply continue to provide equipment only solutions. Rather they need to offer a complete solution that provides customers with efficient print assessment capabilities, proactive support, automated meters for billing – quite simply, a managed print solution.

Each department can have access to the information that they need, with one central portal for reporting, ordering and service and maintenance. Entire printer fleets spread across multiple branch locations may be managed for you from a central location.

Thousands of networked printers may be discovered and audited within minutes, provide accurate information on device utilisation, page & colour counts and operator usage. You control when and where the data is synchronized to, and who has access to your records. Service management and auditing software analyse the data and provide the results back to you, without ever passing through a third part ASP. You can now have the comfort and security of knowing that your hard earned efforts are not being shared with any unauthorised parties.

Common Issues

  • High capital outlay for new equipment 
  • Current equipment working past economic life
  • Multiple cost centres 
  • Consumable purchases not controlled 
  • No monthly minimum cost base
  • Reactive approach to maintenance 
  • Unknown environmental impact 
  • No contingency plan for equipment downtime

How we help

  • Future proofing your work process based on best practice
  • Single cost centre for Mono & Colour
  • Monthly costs clearly understood
  • Single invoice for all equipment 
  • Flexible agreement allowing addition of equipment without penalty
  • Designated service calls ensure minimal downtime
  • Toner delivered in advance of requirement
  • All training maintenance & reporting included